We are committed to high quality and attention to detail...

...with Passion for Music

Passion and experience in pleasure delivery, which happens because of contact with music. Great joy in surrounding oneself with fine and exceptionally functional audio furniture. The best quality, engineering knowledge and fine fettle that comes along with these. All of this for your satisfaction is offered by Megalith Audio manufacture from Poland. We're proud of it!

Our mission

Megalith Audio - Polish audio manufacture known for high quality loudspeakers.

For 15 years we've been doing loudspeakers targeted at music enthusiasts. Our stone and wood based furniture and loudspeakers making DYI hobbies we've decided to turn to a professional operation. That's how Megalith Audio company was born.

Our products are based on - in our humble opinion - the best transducers in the world, Dutch Scan-Speak and SB Acoustics. Our offer is based on speakers of various advancement, whereas the Classic series is the basic one, Revelator comes in as a second and Illuminator is the pinnacle.

Regardless of enclosure's size and speakers used, our products are made with the same principle in mind. Each has multilayered damping of MDF, bitumen mattes and ceramics. Enormous experience with wood allows us to make perfect enclosures, splendid in terms of vibration absorbtion and standing waves limitation. We strongy believe that this oftenly neglected element is the key to a great sound. In our products we use only the best components out there, made by well-known and respectable manufacturers.

We invite you to see and listen to our products at one of available audio stores.



Megalith Audio Team


Here are five reasons why our products are unique:

  • Marvelous price-to-performance ratio
  • Only the best components available; Scan-Speak, SB Acoustics, WBT, Jantzen Audio
  • Unique enclosures loaded with proprietary damping system of sandwich sort
  • Wide range of available finishes in order to match individual house decor; RAL palette lacquers, domestic and exotic veneers, matte and gloss finish
  • Professional help in our product's installation in your home


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New speakers in Megalith Audio offer
New speakers in Megalith Audio offerUpon our customer's request, new Megalith Audio SCX monitor appeared in our portfolio