• Megalith Audio SCX by rootadmin / January 28, 2017

    There’s a valid reason to pay attention to small audio manufactures. One never knows when a real gem discovery is right around the corner. Most of worldwide famous brands started in DIY alike fashion. And that’s why in this review the light is shed on Polish Megalith Audio company. It had its debut on the Audio Video Show in 2016, many enthusiasts say that a rather successful one. In any case, Megalith Audio SCX monitors are this review’s main dish. Enjoy!  Introduction Picture two persons: a customer (Piotr Panfic) and a seller (Hubert Małyszek). A while ago, the former left the money in the latter’s hands, an amplifier needed for his work is what he got in return. Eventually, guys started talking about non-business related matters and it turned out that Mr Panfic was into... Zobacz »
  • New speakers in Megalith Audio offer

    New speakers in Megalith Audio offer

    Upon our customer's request, new Megalith Audio SCX monitor appeared in our portfolio
  • New Megalith Audio dealer in Cracov

    New Megalith Audio dealer in Cracov

    With pleasure we inform that MEgalith Audio speakers can be purchased in Audio Trendt store in Cracov. Sołtysowska 35A street / Lu 1 31-589 Cracov mobile:  +48 791 063 315 Check our dealers